Our Executive Board

Michelle Tiangco


Michelle has been a part of SASE since her freshmen year as a transitional, marketing chair, RMR, and VP. Her favorite events in the past include Paint Night and NC 2018 in Schaumburg. She is grateful to have found her #SASEFam within the organization and hopes to stay active after she graduates. In her free time, Michelle likes to grow vegetables in her garden, cook, and watch Trolls, the movie.

Senior, Biomedical Engineering

Lance Cheng

Vice President

Lance Cheng is a junior studying mechanical engineering, and has been with SASE since his freshman year. He has previously served as freshman ambassador, as well as cultural chair, and serving as this years vice president. He loves SASE because of the balance between professional development and having fun. Lance is an absolute pro at skribbl.io and likes watching fishing videos (he has yet to catch something at Binghamton)

Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Rachel Kim


Rachel joined SASE as a marketing chair without many expectations, but she soon fell in love with her SASEFam! She’ll be studying remotely from South Korea this semester, but she is excited to continue meeting new members and connecting with my peers through our events. She enjoys playing the piano to destress and absolutely loves ice cream!

Junior, Integrative Neuroscience

Shaiyan Hossain


Shayan is a junior Biomedical Engineering major. He joined SASE because he wanted to find a greater community amongst STEM majors especially being Asian himself and reach out them while also giving back. He can spend hours reading at a time. He also enjoys building with legos and swimming.

Junior, Biomedical Engineering

Kaitlin Wan

Professional Chair

Kaitlin loves SASE! She has been part of SASE since becoming a freshman ambassador. For the fall semester, she is a remote learner. However, that does not stop her as she hopes to put on interesting and fun professional events to help all the SASE members develop to their fullest professional potential. In her spare time, she helps organize hackathons, takse photos, cooks lots of different foods, and plays video games!

Sophomore, Computer Science

Brian Ly

Professional Chair

Brian is a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering and this is his first year in both SASE and at Binghamton University. He joined SASE for its friendly faces, professionalism, and hopes to give everyone the tools they need to . When Brian is procrastinating on his homework, he is playing video games, hosting a DnD game or going on safe, uneventful adventures around campus.

Sophomore, Electrical Engineering

Asan Anarkulov

Cultural Chair

Asan comes from Kyrgyzstan and is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. He admires what SASE stands for and is thankful for the sense of community it provides. In his free time he likes to work out and play soccer. He also does photography and plays classical guitar.

Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Tiffany Chuang

Cultural Chair

Tiffany is a sophomore majoring in biological sciences. She joined SASE during her freshman year as a general body member, but recently joined eboard during her sophomore year as a Cultural Chair. She loves how SASE builds a community where Asian Americans across the nation can connect with other like-minded individuals in the STEM field casually and professionally. During her free time, Tiffany likes baking, going to brunch, trying new restaurants and, binging on Netflix shows.

Sophomore, Biology

Maisha Samiha

Marketing Chair

Maisha has been an active part of SASE since her freshmen year as a general body member because Michael kept pestering her to join; this is her first year officially on EBoard! Her favorite internal event has been Making Third World Care Packages and her favorite external event has been NERC 2018 in New Jersey. She loves SASE because it gave her the confidence to tackle her career dreams and explore diversity empowerment; SASE not only allowed her to network with so many unique individuals but also create lasting bonds with friends from chapters aside from her own. When she is not drowning in schoolwork, you can find her: hiking (to test her tree identification skills), painting, watching/analyzing movies, and cooking or making various coffee/tea/boba drinks!

Senior,  Environmental Studies

Jackson Zhang

Fundraising Chair

 Jackson is a sophomore, majoring in Chemistry. He’s been a part of SASE since his freshman year as a transitional to gather and connect to a community of like minded individuals which he did. When he’s not doing science stuff and doing homework he loves to do a bunch of fun things like read comic books, play handball, play video games and just try to have fun with his friends.

Sophomore, Chemistry

Anna Siu

Community Outreach Chair

Anna is a junior, majoring in biochemistry and minoring in physics. She’s been in SASE since freshmen year as a general body member and worked her way up to being the Community Outreach Chair for SASE. SASE has been a support and motivational aspect that pushed her to achieve success in her career path. She loves the environment and group dynamic SASE has to offer in a social and professional setting. When she’s not stress about lab reports and exams, you can catch her watching kdramas, sleeping, painting, or making TikTok dance videos.

Junior, Biochemistry

Michael Messina

Senior Advisor

Michael Messina is a Senior Physics / Political Science double major and is serving as Binghamton SASE’s Senior Advisor. He’s been a part of SASE Eboard since his freshman year, joining to gain a better understanding of the STEM professional world and reconnect with the Asian American community. In his free time, Mike has been working to advance the Asian American vote, writing films, training martial arts, listening to heady hip hop, and defending ‘Legend of Korra’ on social media.

Senior, Physics & Political Science

Maho Toyomura

Freshman Ambassador

Maho is a freshman looking to major in biology, and recently joined SASE as their freshman ambassador. She is excited to learn from this unique opportunity, and getting to know her fellow e-board members. Outside of her classes, Maho enjoys watching kdrama, scrolling through youtube, and buying too many late night snacks. 

Freshman, Biology

William Tung

Freshman Ambassador

William Tung is currently a freshman studying computer science. He joined SASE because of the really good professional aspect while also being oriented with the Asian culture. He loves to watch anime, go on hikes, and play games! 

Freshman, Computer Science

Catherine Tai

Freshman Ambassador

Catherine is a freshman thinking of majoring in Industrial Systems Engineering. She is excited to be a part of the SASE Family which seems to have the perfect balance between being professional and knowing how to have fun! She hopes to take advantage of everything SASE has to offer and gain more experience and knowledge on Asian Americans in the STEM field. When Catherine isn’t stressing over all her work, she likes to simply chill with her friends and family, finding new food places to try and catch up on her shows and k dramas.

Freshman, Industrial Systems Engineering